Telecoms Factoids


Indirect Costs

Telecoms costs are one of the top 10 indirect costs experienced by UK businesses. A 3% reduction in indirect spending can translate into a 50% increases in profits.

It’s all in a name

The original name of the telephone was the harmonic telegraph.

Before you can create, you must understand

Don’t negotiate a lower price on something you don’t use. A Nuvoli network review highlights every penny of potential waste.

“Nuvoli are the telecoms equivalent of a wedding planner, shortening the procurement process, delivering higher than expected savings and a great Customer experience”

Procurement Director – Clothing Retailer


“It has been great to work with such highly motivated and results-oriented Telco specialists, who approach every task with 110%”

Telco Commercial Manager – Public Sector


“Demonstrated a real concern for us as a customer and can be trusted to deliver on their promises. They spent time understanding us so that the proposal and hence the final delivered service ‘hits the spot’ they managed to engineer a solution that solved a number of business problems as well as saving money”

IT Director – Top 5 UK House Builder

Tender writing, process management & response evaluation

Writing – A simple approach

The art of getting the best responses, quickly and in a form that is easy to understand and evaluate is to make the tender simple. Many organisations assisting Private and Public Sector bodies believe that the way to justify their fees is to produce a document that is verbose and takes trees to print. This means that the recipients of the tender are often spooked by the volume of work required to respond, the timescales imposed and the sheer mountain of effort needed. Often the people who respond are simply “Salesmen”, not renowned for the attention to detail that seems required and you, the customer, gets a butchered document that is badly “cut & pasted” from previous efforts – or worst still, the best potential respondent “no bids” because they are simply too busy.

We keep it simple.

We only ask for the facts that we need. We ensure that the recipients understand the value of the bid and that you, the Customer recognize the size of the prize. The work is not in the writing of the tender, it is in collating the facts that support it and evaluating the responses.

HALF the effort, yet DOUBLE the result.

By ensuring we have all of the facts correct and verified before the exercise we ensure that you understand the Current Cost Base. We will benchmark this against the best rates available from current and suggested vendors so that the savings can be estimated and then work with you to ensure these are negotiated and banked.

Bullet-Proof process

From start to finish, everything is documented, all correspondence is saved and the ‘beauty parade’ and subsequent negotiations conform to your procurement processes.

Nuvoli Assist

We provide expertise in telecoms analysis, cost reduction, Telecoms Expense Management (TEM) and overcharge recovery to ensure that our clients receive the best value. We can run the tender process entirely or evaluate submissions you receive

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Nuvoli Assist

Nuvoli assist works with Tier 1 Carriers and the Systems Integrators to deliver value added services, managed billing and cost reduction exercises to their clients

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Nuvoli Networks

Nuvoli provide access to Tier 1 voice, broadband and mobile networks. Our clients rely on us for the best of breed service, value, quality and account management

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