Telecoms Expense Management

Nuvoli provides a world class Telecoms Expense Management (TEM) service combining:

  • Forensic invoice and contract validation
  • Innovative, insightful, and actionable reporting
  • Concise and accurate cost centre management
  • Comprehensive asset management supported by dynamic inventories
  • End-to-end in-life vendor management

The Details

Nuvoli’s TEM service is primarily designed to manage the end to end billing and MI process.  Working directly with your vendors, Nuvoli will receive the billing information and ensure that every line item of every invoice is validated against the contract.  Any invoicing queries will be raised directly with the vendor and managed through to resolution.

We will also reformat the invoice according to your Accounts Payable team’s specification to facilitate simple uploads into SAP, Sage, Oracle etc, with each asset correctly cost-centred to provide Finance with accurate information.

Using your site lists, we will validate all services against each location to ensure there are no redundant services at closed sites and having built inventories for each of your services using our unrivalled Connect system, we will ensure that in-life billing moves, adds and changes mirror site closures.  Similarly with mobility, Nuvoli will collaborate with your HR and IT teams to ensure that your starter and leaver process captures the return and cessation of all devices and network connections in a timely manner.

Nuvoli’s monthly TEM reports is fronted by a simple, executive summary giving you a one-page overview of that month’s most pertinent information.  This is backed up by comprehensive analysis of every area of fixed spend and variable usage, irrespective of whether this carries a cost.  We use a variety of league tables to highlight spend areas, key volume metrics and areas of concern.

The Benefits

Our forensic invoice analysis gives you confidence first and foremost that every vendor invoice you pay has been validated.

The monthly TEM reporting is compiled and delivered by one of our highly experienced consultants. Savings initiatives are identified, proactively managed, and delivered at the earliest opportunity to ensure that your estate is as lean as possible and that savings streams are maximised.

Our campaign desk is always on hand to carry out text message or call campaigns to validate services, distribute best practice messages or provide individual and tailored support to users who need re-educating on acceptable business usage.

Asset inventories are kept up to date and where valuable intelligence is gleaned through our campaign desk, rationalisation work and consultant investigation, the key information is recorded to enhance management information.

No matter where you are within the contract life cycle, our unparalleled industry experience, honed through the management of millions of assets on a monthly basis provides means Nuvoli is best placed to provide expert benchmark analysis, objective and impartial advice and deliver in-life contract savings.

Mobile End User Statements


Nuvoli’s in-house Connect system can monitor every call, message and data packet from every device for every second of every day.  Each monthly invoice is then presented in both end user statements and manager level reports.  Our dynamic statements drive:

  • Full mobile cost transparency and awareness
  • Culture of individual and cost centre accountability
  • Tighter asset management

The Details

Nuvoli can receive call data on a live basis from the mobile network.  This puts us in a unique position to validate invoices before they are even raised.  You can be alerted to abnormal or unusual behaviour within 24 hours to mitigate the risk of bill shock.  Our dynamic end user statements are sent via email shortly after each invoice is generated and validated.  It provides each end user with a concise visual view of their mobile consumption and costs.  In addition, comparative data informs each user how they rank within their organisation in terms fostering improved awareness.  This brings an invoice to life and creates a culture of accountability.

Nuvoli will then work closely with your HR department and IT to keep your mobile asset inventory up to date.  Out of office replies or email bounce backs are monitored to prevent unnecessary costs to your organisation.

Cost centre managers will receive a single, simple monthly report detailing the expenditure and consumption for those users within their remit.  This provides a snapshot view of user behaviour and facilitates easy management of issues.

The Benefits

Nuvoli’s end user reporting is proven to change the mobile usage behaviour within your business with average reductions in out of bundle usage of more than 35%.  Each user becomes aware and accountable for their usage and their cost centre managers have full transparency.  Because we do not focus solely on cost but on how the mobile is used, employee efficiency can also benefit as managers can view how much time each user is spending making calls or consuming mobile data.

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