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Fully managed deployment of new technology for upgrades and new starters

An amazing service for small medium and large hardware roll outs

Keeping your end user Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Estate up to date, secure and compliant is now more important than ever.

Nuvoli can perform a health check against all hardware including Smartphone and Tablet devices.

This profile’s expected life span and future upgrades required to maintain the high level of user experience for your colleagues and ensures devices are still supported by manufacturer and MDM.

Keeping the inventory up to date

Nuvoli ensure that the IT team are kept fully up to date with the status and compliance of all devices, end user details and leaver / starter status:

Large Mobile rollouts put a huge strain on your IT helpdesk. Nuvoli manage these projects to free up your team and provide a first class service to your end users

  • Nuvoli communicate with every user, gathering their details to keep your asset register up to date and arrange for delivery to any address required.

    Old devices are collected by Nuvoli. These can be wiped and recycled on your behalf ensuring old devices are not a security concern.

    Nuvoli Fully Manage Rollout. 100% accurate asset register you can trust and move forward with. First class end user experience

In life management of your end user hardware

The average life span of a mobile is 30 months

Inevitably a number of devices last less than 24 months and a number will also last greater than 4 years.

This does not represent value for money and left unmanaged creates new mobile security concerns every month

Nuvoli can support and deliver a world class fully managed lifecycle service.

Tie in with your leavers / joiners process to collect devices, factory reset and refurbish ready for new starters

Upgrade devices on a rolling basis to ensure all devices are kept up to date and compliant

Easy to budget, predictable costs, happy end users.

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