Audit and Benchmarking

Telecoms Audit and Initial Evaluation

Our journey with most clients starts with Nuvoli offering to carry out an initial assessment , under NDA, of the existing fixed, data and mobile estates. The objective of this part of the project is to provide an overview of the current estate and highlight areas where potential improvements could be implemented to reduce cost and/or improve efficiency and identify areas of overcharge. The implementation process for the initial assessment follows the below stages:

Data Gathering (Phase 1)

During this phase Nuvoli will be working with your teams and vendors to gather the data necessary for the review to take place. This will include but is not limited to:

  • Gaining access to supplier billing portals and agreeing team structure and interfaces
  • Gathering copies of vendor contracts and accompanying schedules
  • Obtaining inventory information (where available)
  • Agreeing team structure and interfaces

Nuvoli will download data from supplier portals and process through our proprietary systems to produce a systemic output from the billing. As standard a total of 12 months billing will be reviewed. Historically we can review up to 6 years

Data Analysis (Phase 2)

During this phase Nuvoli will be analysing the data obtained in Phase 1 and completing the various outputs to be provided.

This will include the following activities:

  • Normalise vendor data to consistent format
  • Identify and calculate key charge elements e.g. data volumes, call volumes, charge types, call destinations, rentals and licence costs
  • Identify charge exceptions e.g. premium rate, non-geographic charges, high data consumption
  • Construct initial inventory detailing users, connections, cost and consumption

Present the Findings

Nuvoli will present a report detailing our findings in relation to the review of the estate. The assessment will contain the following information

  • Overview of current estate e.g. costs, volumes, trends
  • Historic overcharges
  • Estate efficiency e.g. inactive subscriptions, tariff application
  • User behaviour analysis
  • Savings opportunities
  • Savings delivery planning

The assessment will be presented to key stakeholders to allow for a full discussion of all elements.

From this document stakeholders will be able to fully understand the benefits of the engaging Nuvoli to implement and a commercial proposition will also be included for discussion.

Customer Success


The below represents some of the customer success factors from this project:

  • All active Mobile and Telemetry SIMs validated
  • All non active SIMs cancelled.
  • All PSTN and SIP lines validated by user, location and postcode
  • Data circuits and WAN links validated by location
  • Contact Centre licences, agent costs and maintenance charges validated
  • Overcharges identified and a process recommended to recover

Benchmarking Overview

Nuvoli has vast experience within the telecommunications and IT marketplace.  Nuvoli Benchmarking provides the foundation to negotiate with suppliers to obtain the best possible deal for your company’s telecommunications and IT contracts.  We provide:

  • Accurate market pricing insight, updated monthly
  • Trend awareness and forward planning
  • Expertise in all elements of mobility, WAN, LAN, Unified Communications, PSTN and NGN
  • Capability within the UK and throughout the EU and beyond
  • Comprehensive knowledge of vendor service performance

The Benefits

Nuvoli’s end user reporting is proven to change the mobile usage behaviour within your business with average reductions in out of bundle usage of more than 35%.  Each user becomes aware and accountable for their usage and their cost centre managers have full transparency.  Because we do not focus solely on cost but on how the mobile is used, employee efficiency can also benefit as managers can view how much time each user is spending making calls or consuming mobile data.

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