Managed Helpdesk

Flexible, scalable helpdesk resource dedicated to enhance your end-user experience

Over the years, we have developed a helpdesk facility that is ready made to deploy instantly to support our clients for all scenarios :-

– short term, interim help with an IT project

– medium term for device upgrades and rollout

– long term outsource of all first line support calls

Managed Helpdesk:

Tailored helpdesk solution to support businesses with managing their user base

With the move to remote and flexible working keeping users operational has become more challenging but even more important

Our flexible approach can support individual projects e.g. technology roll out or long term first and second line support

User interactions can be managed using Nuvoli or customer specific names meaning it can be seamless to users

Specialist skills in providing second line support to mobile technology and fixed services

Managed using SLA’s so that a premium service is provided to the user base

Customer Benefits

Provides additional specialised resource to support technology and keep users operational

Flexible resource to support specific projects or long term requirements

Enhanced customer experience

Tailored services to precisely match customer requirements using either internal or customer systems

Monthly reporting so trends of incidents can be managed to support future decision making

All key areas covered

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