Historic Overcharge Recovery

Nuvoli offer an Historic Overcharge Recovery service where we review:

  • Historic voice, data/IPT and mobile invoices
  • Identify instances of overcharging
  • Build a case with which to challenge the vendors
  • Negotiate and secure refunds that are credited back directly to you

The Limitations Act 1980 (c.58), allows vendor bills to be challenged up to 6 years after they were issued.  The only limitation is gaining access to billing going back up to 6 years and access to tariff sheets and vendor contracts but Nuvoli can assist with that by dealing directly with vendors on your behalf.

The Details

Nuvoli’s analysts have a wealth of experience in dealing with all vendor invoices and products and will validate your historic bills against tariff sheets and contracts to identify instances of overcharging.  Amongst many others, we check that the contracted tariffs have been misapplied, discounts have not been missed, lines have not been double billed or billed past the point of site closure and that billed channel quantities for each line are correct.

Once overcharging has been identified, we will build and submit an overcharge recovery case to your vendor. We will carry out all negotiations with the vendor on your behalf and apply proportionate pressure where required to ensure the overcharge recovery case is concluded in a timely manner. We will not stop until the refund hits your bottom line.

Our process is simple and effective, we have been doing it successfully for 25 years.

  • Nuvoli carry out sample checks on historic billing, as an example one month’s billing per quarter going back up to 6 years
  • Undertake compliance checks against tariff sheets, contracts and live / decommissioned site lists
  • Identify instances of overcharging
  • Presentation of our initial findings to you before we approach any vendor
  • Preparation and submission of the overcharge recovery case to the vendor
  • Vendor negotiation.
  • Secure refunds and credits
  • Confirm that the refunds and credits have been applied to your invoice
  • If applicable, ensure the correct tariffs and discounts are applied to future bills

Customer Benefits

Put simply, Nuvoli’s historic overcharge service can provide an unexpected boost to your bottom line.  Once we have carried out the historic review of your bills, you can move forward with confidence knowing that you have secured the maximum refund in the quickest time and with minimal effort.  Once resolved and your refund is secured, we can also talk to you about our monthly Invoice Validation service which means any overcharging is identified and dealt with as soon as an invoice is released to you.

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