Historical Audit and Overcharge Recovery : Analysis – Identify – Refund

tell us that 80% of phone bills contain overcharges – our work is dedicated to recovering this lost profit

Overcharge recovery and cost management – by going back through 6 years of billing, line by line, our experienced telecoms analysts identify one-off billing errors, incorrect application of discounts, non-adherence to contracted rates and continued billing of closed sites and former employees. We then negotiate with your carriers to recover the maximum amount you are is entitled to. Your carriers credit the refunds directly to you.

Recovering duplicated costs – lines, mobiles, data circuits, maintenance costs – these are all known to be ‘double billed’

We do all of this work for you – WHY?

Your employees may already be stretched just doing the day job and they simply don’t have the time, knowledge or patience to carry out the complex work of finding errors and indeed the market knowledge to identify an issue. Additionally, they then need the experience to enter into what can sometimes be long-drawn out negotiations with carriers to action refunds.

Our expertise covers all carriers – SO WHAT?

 You get access to insider knowledge that gets the maximum refund as quickly as possible
 Time saved – your staff are free to concentrate on their job
 Coupled with ongoing management this means Long-Term savings are guaranteed
 Nothing sounds sweeter than a refund hitting the bottom line.