Managing new site opening and site closures for all site types

Network Delivery

Ensuring that a new site is operational from Day 1 is one of the toughest tasks to hit an IT team. Sometimes, there can be internal delays, but, the main battles are with suppliers, BT Openreach and the logistics involved in setting up green field sites, brown field locations and contractors.

Like the very best Wedding planners we make sure everything runs smoothly, all contingencies are accounted for and managed and the end user experience is amazing.


The network delivery service provides the following elements for fixed services including PSTN, NGN and WAN:

• Order placement with relevant vendor including management of timescales

• Project management of service installation within agreed timescales

• Post installation checks to validate go-live success

• Asset creation on customer CMDB to maintain accurate inventories.

What does this mean to you?

Customer Benefits

Nuvoli Managed Services provide a range of customer benefits. By using our expertise, it frees up your teams to focus on their core tasks and will provide an enhanced customer experience with agreed SLAs. With Nuvoli managing your mobile estate, we can refurbish and reuse devices as necessary, reducing the need for capital expenditure. Furthermore, with your MDM platform carefully administered, security is increased with device wipes timely and reporting on compliance and policy breaches to the fore.

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